Monday, May 19, 2014

We Have Mockingbird Babies!

While I sat on my back porch a few days ago, I took notice that a Mockingbird repeatedly flew in and out of a nearby overgrown sweet olive tree.  I then remembered that Charlie mentioned he had seen a bird nest in the tree which happens to be next to our bathroom window.  I had to check it out for myself, and sure enough, I watched a Mockingbird approach the nest and at least 3 little yellow beaks reached into the air. Both Mom and Dad Mockingbird fed their babies with regurgitated insects.  


It didn't take long for these fiercely protective birds to notice my face as I peeked through my bathroom window to watch.  Mom became very nervous and Dad gave me the evil eyes.  He jumped from the nest toward the window and demonstrated his fearlessness.  I hurriedly backed off because they were becoming too upset.  I take a peek once a day just to check on the babies and their parents.  Baby birds grow super fast so they'll fledge within two to three weeks. 

More to come :)

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