Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ant Snacks

Mom & Dad Mockingbirds were busy yesterday capturing insects for their babies. It was fascinating to watch them pounce on an ant bed, snatch up a couple of ants then jump backward and repeat. They did this for hours. Then one of them pounced on the ant bed in just the right spot and a swarm of flying ants came out. They then snatched up several flying ants in midair. Amazing air acrobatics.

I'm looking forward to seeing the baby birds when they're big enough to sit on the edge of the nest or snuggling together inside the nest.  This has been a new birding experience for me- to have the opportunity to watch the process of parenting baby birds and watching them grow.  I am praying for their safety when they fledge their nest because of my cat and other cats in the neighborhood.  I've been trying to keep my cat indoors more during the day and letting him out more at night.  

Will post future updates on this sweet bird family :)

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