Friday, May 30, 2014

Mockingbird Fledglings in Our Back Yard

When I arrived home from work this morning, I heard the baby Mockingbirds chirping in the back yard.  I made a pot of coffee, prepared a cup and made my way to the wicker rocker on our back porch.  It was a nice surprise to see the cute babies out and about.  One of them had perched upon a heavy wire hanging across the back yard and the other took cover in a sweet olive tree behind the fence. 


I watched them as they preened (cleaned and straightened their feathers).  They preened a few minutes then chirped the next few minutes.  When a parent approached, their chirps became much louder and more frequent.  Their parents continue to watch over them and feed them.  When their flight wings are longer and stronger, they'll begin to seek out their own food as their parents "wean" them and spend less time with them. They will gradually venture further away until they're completely on their own.  

It's been a pleasure to watch these babies grow from wee little naked nestlings to fledglings.  I am amazed at how quickly they grow!  Just 2 days can make a big difference in their growth.  

Nestlings face a lot of danger as they are subject to predators, particularly cats, snakes and larger birds.  The third baby apparently didn't make it...I don't know what happened to it.  I saw no trace of it on the ground below the nest.  Poor baby :(  Sadly, death is a part of life and nature, just as in our human race.  

I hope these two continue to grow and eventually establish their own territory and family.  Mockingbirds fill our ears and outdoor environments with pleasurable, enduring earthly treasure :)))

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