Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Upside Downy

I watched this little Downy woodpecker scoot along the limbs on a pine and oak tree in search of tiny bits of food.  She was very thorough as she pecked away at the crevices and peeked inside any holes that were along her path.  Little did she realize how much of my time she consumed, but I enjoyed each minute of watching her.  

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

One, Just One (Male Purple Finch)

For the last several days, a male purple finch has been hanging around the feeders and bird bath. Purple finches are so attractive with their raspberry colored heads and sort of pink colored bellies. Of course, he really stands out among a crowd of chipping sparrows and goldfinches.  

He does have his mate with him- she's pictured in the last photo on the far left.  She's brown with a white belly which is heavily streaked.  She blends in easily with the other small birds in a crowd.  It's been fun watching the variety of winter birds that have visited our back yard. 

Have a blessed Sunday!