The Family

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all"...

The Hubs and I

Complete opposites, that's what we are.  Charlie is the extrovert, "never meets a stranger" one who can sell ice to an Eskimo.  That's a good thing, especially since his career is in retail sales. His high strung personality and my quiet, mellow personality sometimes clash but we manage to work through our problems or just keep our mouths shut and go on about our business. When Charlie and I married, my Dad said we wouldn't make it 5 years (that's another story). It's now been over 37 years, and counting!  

Left: Our 3 Children- Cherie, Ryan & Crissy- Center: Crissy with sons
Nathan & Matthew- Right: Cherie with sons Tyler & Coby
Left: Crissy with husband, Ryan (our wonderful son-in-law!)- Center: Crissy with her family-
Right: Charlie and I with grandsons Nathan & Matthew
Our 4 Grandsons: Tyler, Coby, Matthew & Nathan-  Makes us thankful we didn't kill our kids :)

Where would we be without family?  I love them all with my heart and soul.

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