Saturday, May 24, 2014

Northern Mockingbirds: Out on a Limb

The Mockingbird nestlings in the back yard tree left their nest on Friday.  They will hang out on tree limbs near the nest for a few days while their flight wings grow and strengthen.  Their parents will continue to watch over them and bring food to them until the babies learn to fly.  

I was actually at my bathroom window, watching them, when they left the nest.  I counted only two.  I haven't seen the third baby for a few days and I wonder what might have happened to it.  Did it die in the nest?  Did it fall out of the nest and meet an ill fate?  I'm unable to see the bottom of the nest from my bathroom window.  

From their spot on the limbs, the baby birds frequently called out in the absence of their parents.  They looked around their surroundings and watched the buzzing bees fly by, they stretched upward in an attempt to peer over the leaves in their way and they flapped their little wings but couldn't quite figure out what else to do with them.  

Mom and Dad Mockingbird weren't far from the nest.  As a matter of fact, the parents made warning calls throughout the day and hurriedly flew into the tree when one of the babies sounded distressed.

I hope these little ones make it.  Many fledglings don't.  Unfortunately, it's a dangerous world for youngsters.

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