Furry Friends

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"
 ~ Anatole France

Rollo is our spoiled rotten, sometimes mean and cranky, sometimes lovable and affectionate dog.  He is my constant companion and loyal friend.  My life would certainly be different without him.  When he claims possession of something special to him, it's hands off or else!  Rollo is feisty at play and loves to fetch, but he doesn't always want to return the object.  Most of the time he can easily be bribed with his favorite cookie or a chewy snack.

Big Boy is our beautiful beige and white cat.  He is the offspring of a cat that our daughter owned.  I chose him because of his sweet, mellow personality.  Nothing much bothers him (complete opposite of Rollo).  It's to Rollo's advantage that Big Boy is mellow, otherwise he would be "dog meat"- Rollo loves to annoy him. His favorite spot indoors is the top corner of our sofa, facing the living room window.  

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