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Hi, and Welcome!  I'm Susan, plain and simple. My favorite place to be is anywhere there is natural beauty. Whether forests, lakes, mountains or a spring garden, my soul is captivated by all the beautiful gifts this earth has to offer. I created this blog so I may share the beauty with others, in photos and videos. I hope you enjoy!

I purchased a new camera in January 2014, a Canon 70D, and decided to learn how to take better photos. After reading a gazillion lessons, tips and hints online, I'm back to the basics- using either the Automatic setting, as I've done all my life, or the Scene setting which allows me more variety with lighting and such. Occasionally I'll use the AV mode.  So much easier.  However, I have converted from shooting photos in jpeg to RAW, and it has made a huge difference in the quality of my photos. I upload the RAW images into Adobe Lightroom and process them to my liking. I absolutely LOVE my camera and I like having the ability to adjust lighting and exposure in my images through Lightroom.  I'm far from being a professional photographer, nor do I claim to be anything other than a camera nut who loves to shoot a variety of photos, especially of nature in beautiful countryside surroundings.  

For six months, I've been flooding my personal blog with the posts that are now here.  I wanted to distinguish the two- one blog for family and personal posts and another blog for nature and travel posts.  In November 2013, I designed a private blog to post lessons and tips about creative blogging.  That blog is now this blog. I copied six months worth of "nature" posts from my personal blog to this blog- time consuming, but worth it. Additionally, I have changed the name of my nature page on Facebook from Birds, Bees, Flowers & Trees to match the title of this blog- A Breath of Nature.  Everything worked out well and I'm satisfied now :)

  • Born in the small town of Columbia, Mississippi but grew up in the crowded suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana.  
  • Married young and had three children by the time I was 23- two daughters and a son.  Still married after 37 years.  Now a grandmother to 4 boys. 
  • Graduated from college at the age of 33 with a degree in nursing.  
  • During 21 years as a nurse, I've worked most of them in an acute hospital setting, although I did home health nursing for one year (hated it) and travel nursing for one year (loved it, but missed my folks back home).  The oncology unit was my favorite area to work.  I presently work in a tiny hospital where most of the patients are there for physical rehabilitation.
  • I'm a "wanna-be-retiree"-  I want to one day purchase an RV and travel cross country.
  • Introvert.  Can handle crowds for a limited amount of time.  I do well working with a small group of people.  I love my time alone.
  • I rarely watch television.  When I do, it's usually a crime show (on Investigation Discovery) or a show that focuses on traveling or home decorating.  
  • I best enjoy staying busy with my hands- years ago I liked to crochet, cross-stitch and sew, but now I am constantly on my camera or computer during my time off work.
  • I love to decorate.  Christmas is my favorite time to use my decorating skills.
  • I've cared for pets nearly all my life- dogs, cats, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds, a squirrel.  I presently care for two pets- my dog, Rollo and my cat, Big Boy.  I cater to many of the outdoor critters in our yard as well.
  • I have an irrational fear of spiders and bugs- to the point of personal injury if one happens to come in physical contact with me.  
  • I have great empathy for sick people and helpless animals and become angry with those who abuse either.  
  • It can be dangerous to one's health to disturb my sleep- just ask my husband.
  • I'm brain-dead for the first 30 minutes after I wake from sleep- I can't think or speak.  However, I can sip coffee.  It's a waste of one's time to socialize with me until I've had at least 2 cups.

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