Saturday, May 31, 2014

Azaleas, Bees & Butterflies

There are beautiful living things that are here for us to enjoy only a little while.  They grow into beauty and perfection, summon our attention and heighten our love for spring. then...they gently fade away.  Why is that? What lesson have we to gain from such temporary joy? It seems some of the most beautiful of His creations are destined to oblivion all too soon.

On the other hand, would we appreciate such beauty if it lived forever?

There are many wonderful memories that surround early spring with its Azaleas in full bloom.  Old photos remind me of long ago Easter Sundays, when our daughters were dressed in pinks, purples and whites with their lacy socks and hats.  They posed for photos, standing near or in front of the colorful Azaleas, usually with their Easter baskets near.  Photos of our daughters standing close to each other, or all three of our children together, or the three of them with their PawPaw before going to church, or with Me in my Sunday dress.  Sweet memories....

Not only are Azaleas beautiful while they last, but they serve an important purpose- their pollen provides nourishment to bees, butterflies and other insects.  Although Azaleas bloom only for a short while, the adult trees usually bloom profusely, depending on weather conditions.  They produce a significant amount of pollen, therefore, they provide a huge boost to growing insects.  

Butterflies are destined to short lives too.  Most butterflies live from about 2 weeks to one month.  However, there are a few species of butterflies that live from 6 months to a year, max.  It's sad, but a part of the scheme of life and nature.  We must enjoy beauty while we today, gone tomorrow. 

Love the beautiful things that are free.  Appreciate the harmony of nature.  
Look. Listen. Feel.  

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