Monday, May 26, 2014

Blue & Red Salvia

This is the first spring that I've had Salvia among my seasonal flowers and I'm greatly pleased with them. They have been one of the easiest flowering plants I've ever cared for.  They're also a favorite with hummingbirds.  Mr. Bully loves them ;)  

A relative of the familiar kitchen sage, flowering salvias produce spikes of small, densely packed flowers atop aromatic foliage. These heat- and drought-tolerant beauties bloom from early to late summer in shades of blue, violet, red, pink, and white. Plants grow 18 inches to 5 feet tall, depending on the variety.

Initially I purchased a single blue salvia, but after seeing how much Mr. Bully enjoyed it, I bought additional ones in blue and red.  The red ones are so bright and beautiful that they really stand out and draw in one's attention.  Salvia is also a huge favorite of honey and bumble bees, particularly the blue flowers. There is a constant buzz of bees around these plants.

In colder regions, Salvia is grown as an annual, but here in the deep south they're considered a perennial. Hopefully, they'll winter well and return next Spring.  

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