Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fiery Skipper

I saw a tiny flash of orange while standing near my Lantana,
then it disappeared.

Moments later, this tiny fellow crawled from under one of the blooms... 
He was hardly bigger than a dime, but his bright orange color made him easy to spot,
especially among the pink Lantana.

Fiery Skipper
August 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Favorite Critters of Yellowstone

This Saturday, I thought I'd share some of my favorite critter photos taken during our trip to Yellowstone National Park.  If you've never been Yellowstone, you're missing out on some of the most beautiful scenery and wildlife in the USA.  I hope to return there one day, and stay a bit longer.  

This big guy was lounging in the grassy shore along a small river.  When the elk stood up, several people backed away.  He didn't seem to be bothered at all by the crowds...he slowly crossed the river and went on about his business.

Young elk eating some crispy green leaves

This female had just waded across the river so she was drip drying 

Look at those cute little elk ears poking up :) 

A bison and young calf grazing together

This big bull was sniffing me out.  For a brief moment, I felt my arm hairs rise.

The largest bull elk I saw was in the Mammoth Springs area of Yellowstone park- he was massive!  He and his female herd were in town for the first few weeks of rutting season. When a few of the cows wandered away, this assertive bull stood up, took a few steps and bugled loudly.  The cows immediately returned to their herd.  It was quite a spectacle to watch. 

See the irony of these photos together?  My perception of it- "If you're crazy enough to approach this bull, then you'll likely see the inside of this clinic".   

I managed to capture photos of a couple coyotes in two separate areas of Yellowstone. One scampered along the river bank and the other walked unhurried through a large, open meadow. 

I hope you enjoyed my critter photos today...I certainly enjoyed shooting them ;)

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Have a great Saturday and wonderful Labor Day weekend Peeps!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Skywatch Friday "Early Morning on the Beach"

I enjoy early mornings on the beach...when it is deserted except for the birds.
I pause often and listen to its silence, then resume my lingering stroll along the shore.
Unhurried.  My trips to the beach are few and far between, so I savor its goodness.

Photos from March 2014, 
Gulfport, MS, USA

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Good Fences #23: Last of the Colorado Fences

These are my last photos from our trip to Colorado that include fences. I don't have many photos with fences, so I need to get out more and explore. Hopefully I'll find some interesting fences closer to home. I'm sure they're out there...

Mule deer standing close to fence at the edge of woods...
moments later he jumped over the fence, but I missed that shot!

An obviously tame doe and her offspring grazing near a brick fence- 
at the edge of town in Ouray, Colorado.  

Another shot in Ouray...
Stop and look both ways before crossing!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Indigo Buntings

These are the remainder of my Indigo Buntings photos.  I took several a couple hundred photos of these lovelies during their spring migration through our area back in April.  

I'm so grateful for digital photography, aren't you? 
Otherwise I couldn't afford to take so many photos!

The male goldfinches were still developing their breeding plumage in April.  
Their bright yellows and the indigo's blues complimented each other dramatically.

What a wonderful treat it was to host so many Indigo Buntings at the same time.
In years past, I was fortunate to occasionally see only one.
I hope to see them again soon, during fall migration.

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The Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes in Columbia, Marion County, MS
Lake Bill Waller
Lake Columbia

Lake Bill Waller is a popular fishing area located just a few miles from Columbia.  The 168 acre lake was renovated in 2004 and reopened for fishing in 2007.  Lake Bill Waller is known for its good population of trophy large mouth bass, crappie and bluegill. Three handicapped access piers and three earth piers make fishing from the bank very popular. When the weather is nice, small fishing boats can be seen scattered across the lake.

Lake Columbia used to be one of our favorite little swimming areas many years ago. When I was in my 20's I often packed up my kids, some cold drinks and snacks and headed to Lake Columbia to soak in some sun while they played in the water.  Back then, a sandy beach hugged the water. Now ornamental grass and water lilies cover the area. The county spent a small fortune a few years ago to drain the lake and clean it up. They then transformed it into a fishing area and restocked it.  Like Lake Bill Waller, it is a popular fishing spot.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Juvenile Northern Cardinals

The dozen or so juvenile Northern Cardinals are growing and maturing.  Although there are still a couple of fledglings that are being fed by their parents, the juveniles feed themselves at our bird feeders. 

I've observed that they're quite sassy with others at the feeders...
like a group of children fighting over a few pieces of candy.

It seems they watch and wait for fresh bird seed- each time I put fresh seed out,
they all suddenly appear, within just a few minutes.

Silly birds...they're so often entertaining.

I hope everyone has a great start to this new week!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cloudless Sulphur

We've had some very hot and "cloudless" days here in the deep south the last few days. My hair was dripping wet with sweat early yesterday morning after watering flowers and refilling one of the bird feeders, and that was about eight o'clock!  Our area has had heat advisories out this past week, warning everyone to use caution in this extreme heat.  Up until now we've had a mild summer compared to most, so I shouldn't complain.  

I captured a few images of this butterfly a few weeks ago. I have very little experience in identifying butterflies and insects, but I believe this to be a Cloudless Sulphur.  I hope someone can confirm my opinion. I see them often around the Lantana, but they flutter by quickly and I am rarely able to photograph them.

I nearly deleted the photo directly above because I thought I had missed the you see it?  

I hope you all have a peaceful Sunday :)