Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adding a Custom Signature to Blog Posts

Check out the instructions here:

Then go to:

Resizing a Button in Blogger Sidebar

I haven't resized any blogger buttons yet...but I think this is a great reference in case I might need to know one day:

Smart Ideas for PicMonkey Fonts

Ashton at Something Swanky posted examples of how she uses fonts in the PicMonkey image editor to bring out features in her photos, blog posts and her blog site.  

She has some smart more here:

A Better Archive Page for Blogger

I like this so much more than the traditional archive list that is offered by Blogger.  The transition was very simple and took only a minute of my time.

Traditional Archive List:

Archive created using a tabbed Page in Blogger:

By creating an Archives page in Blogger, my posts are listed by title and date.  This way is really convenient when I want to find a post quickly.  

Matt Morz posted easy instructions on how to create an Archive Page here:

Adding a Link to an Image in Blogger

I haven't had the need to do this YET.  However, I might want to in a future blogger post.  This seems like a pretty clear and easy tutorial for doing that...

Creating Custom Blog Headers Using PicMonkey

I remember those days (well, mostly nights) that I spent hours browsing through web pages and pictures, trying out various ways to customize my blog header.  I did have some success using Photobucket, for a while.  Then Photobucket's platform changed and the imaging editor was limited.  

Now, there's a great FREE online image editor that is SUPER EASY!  I'm so glad I discovered PicMonkey. It was much easier to redesign my header using their collage editor.  PicMonkey has quickly become my favorite imaging program.  

I discovered PicMonkey while browsing online for new ways to customize my header and I read others who recommended the site.  They posted easy instructions on their blogs to assist.  

Here are my favorite three posts:

Barbara at 21 Rosemary Lane (Great tutorial!)

Ashton at Something Swanky (Also a great tutorial!)
Ashton also included ways to customize your NavBar ;)

Page at The Alexander Collectives shows us easy steps with lots of photos in her tutorial:

All 3 of these ladies used PicMonkey as their image editor.  Add me to the list now...
Here's the link to the main editing screen:

How To Align Page Tabs on Blogger

I browsed the web last night to find instructions on how to center my page tabs on my primary blog.  I wanted to place the tabs across the top of my blog rather than in the sidebar.  

I found easy instructions and codes to do this on Blogger Sentral.  The link for instructions is:

This looks better now ;)

How To Make A Blog Button

I finally learned how to make a blog button and it wasn't so hard at all, using instructions posted by other bloggers.  

The instructions I used was posted by Ashley on B.You blog.  Here's the link:

Here's pics of my buttons, I think I did a pretty good job!  They actually work too ;)