Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hope Springs Forth

I'm feeling extra grateful for spring this year. The arrival of spring has given me hope and purpose. My mind has been focused on bird watching and back yard landscaping. Flower gardens are getting a makeover and new landscaping projects have begun. Migrating birds are passing through and resident birds are preparing their nests for offspring. There's been so much activity going on in my back yard and I'm enjoying it.

A pair of Carolina Wrens have claimed one of the bird houses in our back yard.  Each morning the male perches on the back deck railing and sings his little heart out.  He packs a powerful voice to be such a small squirt.  The past couple of days I've noticed the parents have been bringing insects to the nest and removing fecal sacs from it.  That lets me know there are nestlings in the bird house.  Hopefully I'll soon see little wren heads poking out of the hole.  

Carolina wrens have begun building nests in these bird houses each spring but have never completed the nests until this year.  I hope the young ones survive and fledge soon.  It will be exciting to watch!

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