Saturday, May 2, 2015

Watching the Red-Head

I watched the Red-Headed Woodpecker as he (or she) went back and forth...
from the bird feeders to a light pole near my back porch.

He watched me, too.
He took turns at cracking open the sunflower seeds and peering at me...
I think he was bothered by the sound of my camera as I clicked away...
But for a little while, he continued his round trips from the feeder 
to the light pole.
Until he became fed up,
then decided to travel to another pole across the yard.

These are not the most attractive photos, but the experience of watching this beautiful bird was fun and I wanted to share it.  There's no way I can capture the absolute beauty of this woodpecker- the stark contrast between the red, white and black is amazing, especially in flight.  

I think I was seeing "double" a couple days ago.  For an instant, I saw a flash of the same colors in a tree not far from the feeders.  I might get lucky and capture the two of them together-

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  I plan to do a little shopping today then visit with a couple of family members.  Tomorrow afternoon I plan to work in the flower gardens and plant a few trees. The weekend weather is expected to be perfect- sunny with temperatures in the low 80's- I love it!


  1. Hello Susan, awesome captures of the pretty Redheaded Woodpecker.. I wish they would visit my yard.. Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Susan ... How wonderful to see more views of the Red-headed.

    I have posted a very shots of our Great Spotted variety here:

  3. What a cracking bird! We have no woodpeckers in Australia - so I enjoy seeing other peoples!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. so pretty. I chased a pileated woodpecker around in the woods today for ten minutes trying to get a good shot. I wasn't very successful.

  5. My favorite woodpecker. I tried all weekend to get the perfect shot this weekend, but they are so quick! You did great on these.