Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Flower Garden in May

May has seen more than her share of stormy weather.  My flower gardens were often a muddy mess, but most of the flowers fared well from the inclement weather.

An Eastern Black Swallowtail checks out the Lantana
Can you see the tiny Skipper on this bloom?
(Wish I could remember the name of this plant- my amnesia is kicking in)
Lovely Red Pentas
A busy Bumble Bee buzzed from flower to flower
He is particularly fond of the Foxgloves (I am too!)
My Asiatic Lily is now blooming and the size of it has quadrupled since last year!
 Time to transplant this one.
My first Hibiscus plant.  The huge, gorgeous blooms convinced me to bring it home.
I planted a few Double Tiger Lily bulbs back in February.
They're now gorgeous!  Wish their blooms would last longer!
I love this shade of pink.  Pink Verbena.
The first of the Liatris Spicata plants has bloomed.  
Several stalks are coming up and will soon bloom as well.
Several of these tiny insects (some sort of small bee?) are creeping about on the Gaillardia blooms
The young and the old, side by side


  1. Gorgeous flowers! I love the butterflies and the bees. Have a great week, Susan!

  2. Susan, you have so many lovely blooms! Is that purple one a Pickerel Weed? Maybe in that family? The swallowtail is such a beauty. Very nice set!