Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Too Much Rain

I would be willing to bet that if this Northern Cardinal could speak English, he'd probably complain about all the rain we've had lately.  We have received more than normal for the month of May.  While the frequent rain showers are good for my flower gardens, it's not so good for the birds who depend upon insects to feed their nestlings.

Even worse, heavy downpours of rain have wrecked havoc in the states of Texas and Oklahoma.  The massive flooding in portions of those states have caused a few deaths and there are still people missing.  Hundreds of homes have been washed away.  Businesses damaged or destroyed.  Such a sad situation...please remember them in prayer.


  1. Pretty series on the beautiful Cardinal. Even in the rain, he is gorgeous. Have a happy Tuesday!

  2. Too little or too much. Nature has a different understanding of moderation than we do.

  3. Goodness, since I don't watch the news that much I had no idea of the devastation in those areas. Sweet pics of the male Cardinal waiting out the rain.