Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pine Siskins

These are my final shots of the Pine Siskins this year (I think).  Most are gone, but a few of them remain.  I believe I would've had more goldfinches this year if the siskins hadn't been so numerous. They literally took over the feeders and were quite noisy and aggressive.  

Enjoying a drink while trying to maintain their balance...

Fighting over their spot at the finch socks (they love thistle!)-
sometimes they get pretty ferocious for their wee size!

In the shot below, the siskin closest to the finch sock grasped the wing 
of the smaller one and pulled it away- they both fell close to the ground.

In this next shot, a siskin is being brutally trampled by another.  

Whatever it takes to defend their food source, some of them will do it...

However, they're not all bullies- some are quite sweet and peaceful...

Enjoy your Wednesday, thank you for visiting!

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  1. ahhhh...loved this visit. Thanks for sharing

  2. Fantastic photos!
    We have flocks of Pine Siskens here, too. I have not see this aggressive behavior.
    I expect them to go north soon.

  3. Great shots of the action, and beautiful closeups! You are right, they are quite the scrappers!

  4. wow they do get a bit feisty don't they. wonderful images.

  5. These shots are fabulous!

  6. The Pine Siskins are such cute birds. Awesome series of photos.. Happy weekend!

  7. Cracking looking birds - and feisty too by the look if it. I like them!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. Susan, these are fabulous!! You've got beauty, action and drama. Love!!