Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Busy in the Garden

Hi Everyone!  I apologize for being missing in action lately.  I can be found in my back yard, tilling, raking, digging...the typical tasks of beginning a new flower bed. Actually, I have plans for a few flower beds, if my crabby old knees and back hold up.  I don't do much gardening during the summer because our southern heat and humidity are unbearable at times.  

The weather has been so nice for a few days...sunshine with intermittent clouds, in the 70's mostly.  I love it!  Thought I'd share photos of the Gerbera daisies that I recently purchased...aren't they lovely?  

I hope you are all enjoying the week thus far and that Spring has brought you its warmth and beauty! 


  1. They're gorgeous! I wish you a Happy Easter!

  2. Great macros!...:) Can't wait for life to begin here!...:)JP

  3. They are beautiful, the gerbera daisy is one of my favorites. Lovely images, enjoy your day! Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Susan! I've been doing the same as you, gardening until every muscle in my body screams. The Gerbera Daisy is one of my favorites! I make room for them every year. These are a beautiful color. Have fun, but go easy if possible. Looking great!