Saturday, March 14, 2015

Carolina Wrens Preparing Their Nest

It was interesting to observe these Carolina Wrens gather nesting materials.
They made several trips back and forth from the brush pile to the bird house.

It seems odd, however, that they brought materials to 
each of the three birdhouses in the set.  

As early as January, a pair of  Eastern Bluebirds were checking out the birdhouses, 
but I haven't seen them since.  If you look closely, you can see the male bluebird
inspecting the entrance to one of them...

I have a bluebird house, but I've yet to put it up.  That is now at the top of 
my to-do list, that is, when the ground dries more.  We've had rain nearly
every day this month thus far.

I'm looking forward to watching the wrens with their soon-to-come offspring.
Hopefully, I'll have the opportunity to capture a few good shots of them.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I want those of you who regularly visit 
and comment on my blog to know that I really appreciate you. :)

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  1. How sweet! I always love to watch birds building nests.

  2. What a great looking set of bird houses. Must be hard for them to decide which one they want. :-)

  3. Certainly wrens in the UK make more than 1 nest for the female to pick the best,. Maybe that is what they are ding. Love the nest houses. Hope your weekend goes well.

  4. Every year I've said, "I need to put up bird boxes." Sigh. I have yet to do it. 23 years in this house, have one owl box up.

  5. i love the c. wrens, they are such a cute bird. i also enjoy watching the nest building process. last year a wren built a beautiful nest in one of my birdhouses and then abandoned it. so much work!!!

  6. surprised the wrens picked those houses! the openings are quite large and might invite other nesters to invade!

  7. Susan ~ fantastic shots of the wrens gathering and creating nests!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. Wrens are one of my favourite birds. It will be interesting to see more developments.

  9. The wrens are so sweet. Let's hope the female will be happy with one of the nests.

  10. They are such cute little birds. Great shots of the nest-building. Cute triple birdhouse too.

  11. Always fun to watch any species taking advantage of the nest boxes we provide. Lovely series Susan.

    I agree with Margaret; quite a few species build more than one nest and wait for their prospective partner's approval.

  12. I love these guys...the are so noisy, round and cheerful!...:)JP

  13. I also heard of one male with two females :) Anyway, it is great to watch.

  14. Adorable birds, they are one of my favorites! Thank you for linking up, so sorry I am late with my comment!