Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Play in the Dirt...

How I have missed having a flower garden! Spring gives me flower fever. I can't help myself. Last year I was too busy trying to get everything settled in from the move to Poplarville to worry with a flower garden. This year I had to make up for it. The birds encouraged me to :)

A few inexpensive plastic pots, a couple bags of potting soil, pretty flowers from the garden center and an old measuring scoop gathered on the porch, in front of my lawn chair.  I'll play in the dirt, lose a few blooms and roots and make a big mess but I'll enjoy every minute of it...

Then I'll sit back and soak in the beauty of them all and wonder about the array of colors and shapes.
Bumble bees, butterflies and hummingbirds will sip in the sweet nectar while I watch them too.
Isn't Spring just grand?  I love it!

Play in the dirt 
because life is too short 
to always have clean fingernails...

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