Friday, April 4, 2014

Hummer Swing & Honorable Mention

Several days ago I decided to handcraft a hummingbird swing because a few others had posted their swing photos on Facebook.  Using long, thin Spirea branches and a thin branch from the Crepe Myrtle tree, I created a cute little hummer swing and added beads and floral accents for a touch of "bling"...

A few days later...

When I arrived home from work, this tiny male was perched upon the swing, just as content as he could be. Yes!!  How cute is that?!!!  I quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting.

On March 30th, I posted this photo to one of my favorite pages on generated 580 Likes and over 100 comments.  

My sweet hummer swing photo above was given an Honorable Mention that week from Hummingbirds, One of God's Smallest Amazing Creatures.  I was honored and super excited about the recognition. 

The photo also generated several requests from hummingbird lovers who wanted a swing like mine. If I had had a couple hundred of the swings, I know they would have been sold that day.  I agreed to craft about a dozen swings on a first come, first serve basis.  Although the swings are small, it is a time consuming job to complete them.  My time off is limited, otherwise, I could do much more.  

I adore the little swing, but even more I adore the tiny feathered creature that occupies it ;))))

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