Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cedar Waxwings: North for Summer

It's been a couple weeks since I've seen the waxwings.  They have moved on.  Cedar Waxwings are winter visitors here and across the southern United States.  Some even travel as far as Panama during winter. However, come late spring, they migrate northward to their known breeding territory, the uppermost parts of the United States and the lower half of Canada.  

I have surely enjoyed having them around a little while.  Cedar Waxwings are just gorgeous, one of my favorites!!!  I can hardly believe I had never seen them before, not until this year.  How did I miss out on such beauty all these years?  Probably because I didn't reside in an area with such an abundance of berries, one of their favorite winter foods.  The field next to our house has literally dozens of such trees which made it possible for the birds to fill their tummies as much as they desired to.  I will keep that in mind for future use.  

Photos below were taken from February through the first part of matter what season, these birds are always beautiful!  I will miss them!  

Cedar Waxwings are very sociable birds during non-breeding season.  It's not unusual to see scores of them brooding together in the very tops of tall trees.  

A couple of shots were double exposed... the outcome is really unique...

As the days passed, their plumage became brighter with more yellow color...they seemed to "glow" in the evening sun.

I will look forward to their return late this year...

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