Thursday, January 2, 2014

Of Leaves, Winter & Maturity

It was a bitter cold morning, the first of this winter season thus far.  On my way home from work, the heater inside my car was wide open yet my hands were freezing.  I reminded myself I should put gloves in my car since I'll probably need them more often now.  

As I stepped from the car, I felt the crunch of icy grass on my shoe soles.  I stood there for a moment, gazing across the landscape, thinly coated with frozen dew.  I visualized summer trees, bursting with bright green leaves, the branches so full they easily hid small birds and their nests, pink and red roses blooming upon scantily leaf clad stems, tall lilies that grew close to the fence line and the carpet of green grass that required a weekly cut.  

I approached the front porch and bent over to take a closer look at leaves gathered along the bottom of the wooden steps.  As the early morning sun had risen over the horizon, ice covered leaves glistened in its path. Their beauty surprised me.  I remembered how much I enjoyed their beauty in other seasons- spring, summer and fall; but, I had never really paid much attention to leaves after they were spent.  Why not?  I thought.  I failed to see their appeal and their purpose.  

I hurriedly seized my camera and returned outdoors for a photo shoot.  I wanted to capture this earthly beauty while the early sun gave perfect light, before the ice melted.  I longed to own a macro lens for closer shots.  Perhaps one day, I surmised.  Today, I will use what I have.

Today, I have gained a new perspective on maturity.  Are we not comparable to living trees?  For a season or two, they grow and mature, their limbs fragile and nearly bare.  At maturity, they produce their finest leaves, giving reasons to enjoy their beauty and the shade they provide us.  As their productive season comes to a close, they briefly put on their best show then shed their leaves and rest for a season. The dead leaves then deteriorate and return to earth, providing a protective cover for the tree roots during the cold months of winter.  Life recycles itself, season after season. A perfect scheme for all living things.  

"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey and enjoy every idle moment"  ~ John Boswell

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