Sunday, January 19, 2014

A January Morning

A cool, crisp January morning...the clouds have hidden, allowing the sun to give us light.  I quietly observe as life awakens around me.  Aging leaves gently shiver in the chilly breeze as their rusty orange hues glisten in the sun's path.  I am grateful for mornings like this. My front porch begs me to stay a little while and soak in more magic of earth's beauty.

Though fatigued from work, I linger a bit longer.  I wait.  I know the birds will arrive soon, looking for breakfast, and I would like to sneak a few photos of them.  After a short wait, I determine that my feathered friends are bashful, so I reluctantly return indoors.  Within moments, they flock to their feeding station.  I stood at the glass front door and watched them devour a mixture of nuts and seeds.  With the flash disabled on my camera, I took a few photos through the glass.  Though not perfectly clear or sharp, the photos are good enough to remind me of this beautiful morning.  

They'll cluster around the feeders for a few more weeks.  The cold, frosty season has laid claim to their natural abundance of seeds and berries so, for now, they'll take advantage of our generosity.  And I, in turn, will take advantage of a few moments to watch and photograph them ;)  

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