Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mississippi Gulf Coast: Ocean Springs Small Craft Harbor

After leaving Point Park in Pascagoula, my hubby and I traveled west along Highway 90 until we reached Ocean Springs then south to the small craft harbor.  With a portion of sandy beach, a couple of super nice piers with covered pavilions and long rock jetties, this harbor attracts visitors of all ages. 

It also attracts a variety of birds,
including dozens of Rock Pigeons...

Double-Crested Cormorants...

American Oystercatchers...

Killdeer (some were hiding behind the rocks)...

Ruddy Turnstones (not a clear picture, but this little couple was snuggling)...

Lots and lots of European Starlings...

And, of course, Brown Pelicans...

There is a pretty view of the Mississippi Sound from the harbor and I've heard the sunsets are spectacular.  Of all the harbors along the gulf coast that I've visited, this one is among my favorites.

If you're ever in the Ocean Springs area, 
a visit to the small craft harbor is well worth your time. 
Thank you for visiting...have a wonderful evening!

Photos taken November 30, 2014


  1. Susan .. thanks for sharing such an interesting and varied selection of species in this and your previous post from your coastal visits.

  2. some great birds! love the string of pigeons!

  3. Awww...that snuggling couple stopped me!!!...:)JP

  4. beautiful selection of birds. love the stone jetty.

  5. Beautiful captures and amazing flight shots!! I get such a kick out of those oystercatchers!!

  6. Hello Susan, I like the scenic view of the harbor. The birds are great, the oystercatchers and pelicans are two of my favorites..Wonderful series of photos.

  7. Enjoyed the visit. Fun visiting our Gulf. Lots to see.

  8. The pigeons certainly line the wires! Love the shots of the pelicans!

  9. Hello Susan!:) It is an attractive harbour, with plenty of different species of birds to see. Wonderful captures of all of them. I especially liked the oystercatchers.
    Best Regards.

  10. What an amazing place! The line-up of the pigeons is interesting! I hope one day to see the oystercatcher in person. Wonderful shots!!!