Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mississippi Gulf Coast: Brown Pelicans, Terns & Plovers

These are my last few photos of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, for now.  There's a few more areas I want to visit along the coast, but I'll wait until the weather warms a little.  Picking up from where I left off with the last post, my hubby and I passed through Gulfport on our way home.  As usual, my eyes scanned the beach and shoreline for anything with wings interesting.  Soon, I spotted several Brown Pelicans gathered along the wood pilings of an old pier and decided to join them for a short visit.  

The pelicans appeared quite comfortable where they were- some preened and stretched while others napped.  

A few Royal Terns claimed their spots on the old wood pilings...

Sanderlings searched the shore for tidbits of food...

And a Black-bellied Plover stood silently still for several moments...

With Spring just around the corner, my mind has been busy with thoughts of how I want to landscape my shady back yard.  I see a lot of land clearing and hard work in my near future.  Out with the old piles of dead limbs, pine straw and a couple Mimosa trees I want to get rid of.  In with new plants like Oyster ferns, Hosta varieties, Bleeding hearts and Ornamental grasses.  Spring fever grabs a hold of me in late February and I can barely wait to get my hands in the dirt.  

I hope your week is going well.  I've worked the past two nights so I'm ready for some good, deep sleep.  Have a good evening Peeps :)   


  1. Just seeing eh Pelicans and the Terns would make my day. They are two of my favorite birds.. Wonderful series of photos, Susan!

  2. pelicans are so cool. so are terns, in my book. :)

  3. Ha! I have some shots just like that! It's amazing! Iddnt it?

    *wink and a grin*

  4. Pelicans are so much fun to watch!...:)JP

  5. Such great captures of all the sea birds Susan. The wood pilings make a perfect place for them to pose for you. I would love to see Pelicans.

  6. The Pelicans are beautiful Susan, and the rest of them too.

  7. i LOVE shore birds!!! we don't see pelicans at the jersey shore, they are just too cool for school!!!