Saturday, October 18, 2014

Small Critters of Summer

This week I'm sharing a few photos of the smaller living things
 that shared our porch and yard during summer...

Lizard displaying his dewlap and bobbing up and down...either he was trying to catch
the attention of a female or he was trying to intimidate trespassers
This one usually hid in my spider plant
Did you know that lizards like grape jelly?  I didn't know either- until I saw this one lapping it up
I had put out the grape jelly to draw in the yellow jackets- this helped keep them away
from the hummingbird feeders.
Walking sticks are so strange.  Plain-out weird-looking.  This is one of only two I've seen this year.
I almost sat down on this fuzzy little cutie that trespassed upon my lawn chair.
Does anyone know what species of caterpillar this is? Update: This is a Banded Tussock Moth caterpillar-
thanks to Theresa at Run-Around Ranch for her help in identifying it :)
I still see you! A couple of grasshoppers tried to camouflage themselves
in the green foliage of a nearby field.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far.
Thank you for dropping in!

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Thank you, Eileen for hosting this fun and interesting meme!


  1. Cute critters. I love the pretty green lizard.

  2. Love the Lizard and the furry caterpillar. Have a great week.

  3. Mt faviourite is the first - the lizard itself and the composition.

  4. What a cool variety of critters.. I love the lizards and the cool walking stick.. The Yellow Jackets scare me.. Great images.. ..Thanks so much for linking up this week. Have a happy Sunday!

  5. love the anole. i like the walking sticks that show up here. so odd!

    that might be a banded tussock moth caterpillar. :)

  6. That caterpillar is fascinating! Nice grape jelly trick but did it still keep them out of the hummer feeders? One summer I had a swarm of honeybees in my yard. They stayed for almost the whole summer, and even though I put out a dish of sugar water just for them, they still covered the hummingbird feeders so completely I had to quit filling those feeders. I quit doing anything at all until they moved on. And, by the way, those bee guards didn't work! They would push past the guards into the feeders and drown themselves in the nectar. Since I worry about bee populations, I also removed those feeders so they'd quit killing themselves! Wasps would be a little different, I am sure.

  7. Love that cute little lizard!

  8. great critters Susan. love the green lizard.

  9. What lovely shots - cute lizard!

  10. The walking stick looks like a piece of fuzz. How weird!