Friday, October 10, 2014

A Fence & A Whole Lot of Flowers

Around the bend from our place, about 1/2 mile or so, is a piece of country property for sale. It was probably a cow pasture at one time, or maybe someone's hunting area.  

My son and I walked around the property to check out the wildflowers and have a look around. Goldenrods are everywhere, beginning from the fence and continuing across the open field, yielding only to the dense forest on the west side.  

What a pretty meadow of wildflowers!  Pretty patches of purple-pink grasses stood tall above the goldenrod and added a striking color contrast.

Narrow-Leafed Sunflowers are also abundant and look so pretty when paired with the Blue Mistflowers.

Small patches of these pretty pink flowers and tall purple flowers are scattered throughout the meadow.  If you can identify their species, please let me know.  

The autumn wildflowers have been exceptionally abundant and beautiful this year.  Have any of you noticed any difference from previous years?  I just wonder if I've actually paid more attention to them this year.  

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  1. do please link this in next thursday (as well as any new post you want to add, too!) very pretty photos!

  2. excellent fence photos Susan. Yes I noticed all wildflowers seemed to be abundant this year.

  3. This is so beautiful. I especially like the slightly opening of the gate! Perfect capture.

  4. Great flowers glowing in the sun...:)JP

  5. Lovely place! The goldenrod and other wildflowers are just beautiful! Great fences and gates too!