Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last Photos of the Woodpecker Family

I miss this family of Red-Bellied Woodpeckers that I'd become quite attached to at our previous residence.  They were so interesting to watch at the feeders and I enjoyed hearing their calls.  These are the last few photos of them that haven't yet been posted...

Adult male "Woody"- always determined to find his favorite seeds.  
He often placed himself in some precarious positions to get what he wanted.
Adult female "Winnie"- an approaching bird.  
Juvenile from Woody & Winnie's brood this year
An upside-down view of the world
Carefully backing down the tree...
It didn't take long for the juvenile to learn how to hang sideways on this feeder and grab a seed.
Just adorable!
Silly bird!

I wish I could have brought them all with me...

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  1. they're such neat birds. the juvies always look so bald w/o their red. :)

  2. they're definitely acrobatic aren't they?

  3. Those are really good pictures of the 'pecker Susan. I hope you can attract the same species and/or many others into your new place.

  4. This is just where I want to see him! Lovely photos. I know when they come a knocking around my place, especially my house! Oh yeah I send the dogs out! Hehehe!

  5. Too bad you couldn't take them with you. They are a beautiful family.

  6. The woodpeckers are beautiful! Awesome shots, and neat how that first one twists his head!

  7. They are so beautiful. I love the gray cap of the female. You got some terrific shots!

  8. Great shots of the woodies! They're wonderful birds.

  9. These birds would be a wonderful addition to any garden - I can see why you would miss them when they are not there.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne