Sunday, October 5, 2014

Autumn Wildflowers

First, I'd like to say Thank You for the comments wishing me well during our recent move.  Your thoughtful comments were greatly appreciated :)   Moving is tremendously exhausting and I'm so glad it's over and done.  Now it's just a matter of unpacking everything and deciding where to put it all.  I'm still wondering when so much "stuff" was accumulated.  Much of it will go to storage or Salvation Army.  

Now on to the topic of this blog post...

Located across the road from our new place is a large cut-over field which is now filled with a wonderful variety of autumn wildflowers.  I just had to snoop around and see the wildflowers up close.  It was early morning and dew blanketed the entire field.

Narrow-Leafed Sunflowers...

 Eupatorium serotinum- 
aka Late-Flowering Boneset or Late-Flowering Thoroughwort...

a favorite among Lovebugs

Tiny white asters...

Blue Mistflower...

And some unknowns-
I would appreciate your help in identifying them...

Thank you for stopping by...
I wish you a wonderful week ahead!


  1. just lovely. congrats on getting relocated! :)

  2. What a great collection of wildflowers. I thought all your photos were stunning but if I were to pick a favorite I would choose the fifth one from the bottom, the daisy with all the dewdrops. I thought it was so pretty and the dew was like a hundred little jewels covering the daisy. Glad you're now moved. Have done several of those over the years - not any in the last 20 though - I know what a tremendous challenge it can be. Have a great week :)

  3. Love the early morning photos! Your flower shots are splendid!
    All the best in your unpacking!

  4. First, I wish you a merry moving day, I moved at about two months ago, so I know how it is. Lovely flowers, no, I can't help you on ID, but they are beautiful.

  5. Nice pictures - you must be waiting for all the leaves to turn golden.

    Be careful as you unpack - things will still be where you put them in a years time if my experience is anything to go by!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. picked a great spot!! the wild flowers are just so lovely!!!