Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fledgling Mockingbird on Our Shepard's Hook

I'm very fond of the Northern Mockingbirds that reside near my home.  This summer I've been blessed to watch several of them with their young. Mom and Dad Mockingbird each contribute to feeding and caring for their young.  

This baby is the same one I wrote about yesterday.   
He followed Mom to our feeders then perched upon one of my Shepard's hooks. 

There he waited for Mom to return with food.  
Sometimes the wait took several minutes.

"Is that Mom coming?"

"It is Mom, yayyyyy!"

"Mom knows what it takes to make me happy" :)

The fledgling briefly became impatient while again waiting for Mom to return.  
It moved from one area to another on the Shepard's hook, 
probably to get a better view and scope out Mom.

He tasted a few sips of water from the bird bath-
"This is pretty good stuff".

When Mom approached, the fledgling excitedly returned 
to his place on the Shepard's hook.
"There she comes, there's Mom!"

How sweet those moments spent watching this young one and its Mother :)

Enjoy your weekend, Peeps...
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