Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cloudless Sulphur

We've had some very hot and "cloudless" days here in the deep south the last few days. My hair was dripping wet with sweat early yesterday morning after watering flowers and refilling one of the bird feeders, and that was about eight o'clock!  Our area has had heat advisories out this past week, warning everyone to use caution in this extreme heat.  Up until now we've had a mild summer compared to most, so I shouldn't complain.  

I captured a few images of this butterfly a few weeks ago. I have very little experience in identifying butterflies and insects, but I believe this to be a Cloudless Sulphur.  I hope someone can confirm my opinion. I see them often around the Lantana, but they flutter by quickly and I am rarely able to photograph them.

I nearly deleted the photo directly above because I thought I had missed the you see it?  

I hope you all have a peaceful Sunday :)


  1. oh these are just beautiful, i have a real soft spot for butterflies!! a sulphur always looks prettier surrounded with color!!

    i see him in the last image, his antennas gave him/her away!!!

  2. Nice bug. We're starting to see our Clouded Sulphurs, a late summer-autumn butterfly for the North East.