Friday, August 8, 2014

Adorable Fledgling on Our Fence

Fledglings spend most of their daylight hours waiting, scratching
and looking around, trying to scope out Mom and Dad.

As was this young Mockingbird that found a 
fence support beam to be a rather sturdy scratching post

...and a good look out point.

While waiting for the return of a parent with tidbits of food, the fledgling 
perched upon the fence ledge and watched other birds fly to and from the feeders,
sometimes startled by the shadows of the large birds, like Blue Jays. 
 When still for a few moments, he seemed to doze off into a light sleep.

As Mom approached, the little one perked up, jubilantly flapping his wings
and posing himself for the anticipated bit of food she brought.

He is absolute cuteness...I just wanted to hug and squeeze this baby.

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I wish you a wonderful weekend!