Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Evening on the Lake

While at a recent birthday party for my grandson, I stole some moments away to view the surrounding lake area. It was a sweltering hot, humid afternoon with temperatures in the mid-upper 90's in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Droplets of perspiration trickled from my forehead as I walked on the grassy banks of the lake and observed the local wildlife. 

On the opposite bank, I observed a Canadian goose sitting in a brush of thin green shrubs. She must have noticed I was staring at her because she began moving more, nervously turning her head east to west. I turned my attention away from her and walked toward a beautiful large weeping willow tree centered west on the lakes edge. I appreciated the gracefulness of the willow where it stood with limbs outstretched  and long sunlit fringes of leaves which lightly swept the ground below.  The tree provided nice shade for the birds and other creatures.  A large Canadian goose took advantage of the shade as it foraged the ground for bits of food.  Moments later, a  Great Blue Heron was spotted on the opposite side of the tree.  I wanted to try and capture a closer shot of him so I quietly crept toward him, holding my camera in a ready position.  He sensed my presence and suddenly escaped across the lake, leaving me the opportunity of one more shot of him with flight wings spread a few feet above water.  

The goose from the opposite bank decided to come into the water and was soon joined by the goose from the willow tree shade.  Together they waded through the cool water, sometimes dipping their beaks into it for refreshment.  I enjoyed watching reflections of lake homes and other trees shimmy across the lake's surface, giving it a colorful sheen. Beautiful!  

As dusk approached, orange, yellow and purple hues painted the sky.  I stood in awe as I watched the beautiful transformation of day into night.  I felt grateful for this perfect ending to a very hot summer day. Goodnight Sun.  Hello Moon...it's good to see you.  

I took a deep breath...there could never be too many beautiful sunsets in my life :) Each is as tranquil as the one before...

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  1. perfect ending to a lovely day. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for visiting Felicia, please come often!

  2. So lovely! And the colors reflected in the water are amazing.

  3. Lovely! This reminds me of my run yesterday, only my pics were not quite so magnificent.


  4. What a beautiful place, and gorgeous photos. Lovely sunset, geese, reflections and graceful Weeping Willow.

  5. Your family lives in a very beautiful place, close to Nature. Sunset on the water is so spectacular!