Thursday, July 3, 2014

Juvenile Blue Jay & Parent

A special visitor perched in the tree near the front porch yesterday...a young Blue Jay. He, or She, called out numerous times while observing its parent on the feeders below. The parent paid the young one little attention as it hurriedly gathered some seeds. That's okay- this baby got plenty of attention from me, even though it went unrecognized.

Juvenile blue jay is on the right, cute isn't it :)  Parent on left- unsure if this is Mom or Dad
Reaching deep for seeds
Easier to grab a few off the ground

Soon I won't be able to distinguish the juvenile Blue Jay from the others.  I'll just believe it is somewhere within the crowd that calls out from the trees near the forest edge.


  1. Beautiful Blue Jay, to look at, and to see with the camera.

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  3. Yes, they are beautiful :) Thank you Bob and Eileen!