Monday, July 21, 2014

Morning Dew & Romance

There is something romantic about morning dew...

maybe it's the way the tiny droplets of water hug the tips of flowers and grass
holding on until the very last moment of their existence

or the way they capture the first light of dawn
and magnify its glow, becoming bright as luminous crystals

they'll twinkle like bright stars as they bathe in the morning sun...
then quietly disappear into thin air,
leaving barely a trace of their dewy kiss upon waking blooms.


  1. Breathtaking Susan, such exquisite photos of these beautiful flowers, so sharp and clean full of sunshine. I also love the poetry. Thank you and also for the tips on following your blog. I had no difficulty this time :)

    1. Thanks for joining me, Denise :)

  2. Dew is so fascinating as you both picture describe Susan. I like the ephemeral nature of it - up ealy in the morning all you will never experience the wonder of it.

  3. Thank you for following me back. So often people don't!

  4. so soft and beautiful, so full of light!!! a wonderful set of pretty blooms!!!