Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunday Morning on the Beach

It had been a while since Charlie and I visited the coast so we decided on Saturday night that we would rise early Sunday morning and take a short trip there.  Gulfport is a mere 45 minute drive from our house so there's no excuse why we couldn't go more often.   

When we arrived, the early morning sun was hugging the shoreline, reflecting brilliant yellows, oranges and pink through the clouds.  It was truly beautiful.  

While Charlie mostly sat on a bench with his cell phone, I walked along the shoreline and took in all the beauty of the sandy beach.  (He did join me intermittently for a few minutes).  I was thankful we decided to come early- the sunrise alone was breathtaking.  

I felt a sense of peace within my spirit...surrounded by silence except for a few noisy seagulls and the occasional hum of a car passing by.

I was wishing the morning could last all day...

As I continued to amble slowly through the sand, I visualized a summer crowd- kids romping in the sand and building castles, splashing in the water,young sun seekers stretched out on colorful beach towels, couples seated together in lounge chairs shaded by big, bright umbrellas, families seated at picnic tables with their plates of junk food, dogs chasing seagulls or playing fetch...

I'm no longer part of the "beach" crowd...I never was much of a beach babe anyway,
but I enjoyed spending time with my family at swimming places we frequented while they were young. Nowadays I'm happy with the quiet side of the beach...

I was wishing I had brought some bird food so I could feed the seagulls...
I know from experience that they love corn chips ;).
Actually, I believe they'll eat nearly anything.

I followed this Rock Pigeon closely to get a few good snapshots...
he probably thought I was one of the craziest humans he'd ever seen ;)))

I wonder if he's ever encountered a bird-watching, photo-fanatic like me...
What a gorgeous few hours on the beach! 
 I'll have to do this again before the summer heat sets in.

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