Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Gray Catbird Visits

I was fortunate enough to enjoy the company of a Gray Catbird for a few days while he or she hung out at the feeders and foraged around the edges of our back yard.  This was only the second time I've seen a catbird.  

Hi there, Mrs. C.  Did you happen to see a bird dressed like me fly through?
He's an imposter, I tell you, an imposter!!!
I think he may have gone that-away, but I'm not certain.
Well anyways, if ya see him, please report to me immediately!
Hmmmmm.  Wonder where that copy cat might be...
Guess I'll hang out a little while to see if he shows up.
How do ya like this pose?  Pretty awesome, huh ;)
What about this one- a more "serious" pose.  
Hey, I kinda like this one- looking out over the great stretch of green grass.
Hey lady, your lawn needs to be mowed really bad!
Wait, I think I see something.  Is that who I think it is?  Think I'll go check it out.  Later, folks!

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  1. Great photos and commentary!

  2. What a nice looking bird, and I liked your commentary.

  3. Love all your shots adn the narrative that goes with it.

  4. Cute series and captions. The Catbirds are cool birds, I see a few here too. Have a happy day!

  5. I liked the serious pose. Now go mow your lawn. :)

  6. Such gorgeous photos of this beautiful bird! Loved it!

  7. So beautiful. I have only heard our Gray Cat Bird this season, have not seen it yet~

  8. These are all such lovely photos! I love birdwatching and I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this community of birdwatching photographers and bloggers. :D