Monday, June 22, 2015

Eastern Towhee

Good Morning Everyone!  Hopefully this week is off to a great start for you.  I had to work all weekend so I was glad to see it come to a close.  I'm ready to catch up on my sleep now.

Before I sink into my wonderful, cozy bed, I thought I'd share a few photos of an Eastern Towhee that has been hanging around for several weeks.  I've seen a second one a few times but have yet to get photos of it- I believe it's a female, probably the mate of this one.  Their eyes are pretty yet strange, appearing reddish or orange at times.  It's a rare treat for me to have towhees within camera range so I've enjoyed watching them forage around on the ground and in the feeders.   

Have a great day!


  1. I just love the pretty Towhee! Awesome photos! Have a happy new week!

  2. These are sweet shots. This guy is a messy eater, lol. He had many different poses for you! I saw one this weekend, but very high up on an electrical wire.

  3. Beautiful Towhee!
    Great photos!