Thursday, June 11, 2015

Brown Thrasher Couple

A pair of Brown Thrashers have made themselves at home nearby.  Every day the couple is seen foraging through the grassy back yard, at the forest edge or on the loose piles of brush currently stacked in our yard.  

They visit the bird feeders as well.  There they make a mess, 
thrashing through the seeds and spilling some of them out onto the ground below.  

The thrashers stop in often at the bird baths to quench their thirst...

They're fun to watch, particularly when they run across the yard- even from a distance I can positively identify them just by their rapid forward gait.  

I wish I had their speed sometimes- I could get things done much sooner!

I hope you all have a great weekend.  My kid brother is in town this week and I happen to be off work, so I plan to spend time with him and my other siblings.  What fun!


  1. Great captures of the Brown Thrasher couple. I never seen them at my feeders, lucky you! Have a great Friday and a happy weekend!

  2. spooky eyes...around here I would have confused that for a mocking bird

  3. We have one, lone BT that visits our yard. You're lucky to have two! :) Nice shots. I hope you have/had a great time with your brother.

  4. I like these birds - they remind me of may different species - thrushes, babblers, there is even a bit of crazy eyed crow in there!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne (for a couple of days!)

  5. Susan this is a handsome pair indeed!...:)JP