Friday, January 9, 2015


Sometimes, in the midst of our chaotic lives, we need solitude...
a few stolen moments to breathe out the busy world
and draw in quiet communion with self and nature.

Photos taken December 18, 2014.  Great Egret on pond in Columbia, MS.

I wish to say Thank You! to those who sent warm regards and prayers concerning the people of my community who were affected by the destructive tornado which struck on December 23, 2014.   Your kind words are much appreciated.  

I've missed reading many of my favorite nature blogs lately- life has been quite hectic.  Longer hours at work and a longer "to do" list at home have consumed most of my time within the last several weeks.  I hope to scratch a couple "to do" things off my list this weekend.  

Thank you for visiting.  I hope your weekend has had a great start!  Warm regards :)


  1. beautiful egret and lovely reflections. hoping things ease up for you soon.

  2. Hello Susan, I hope you are able to take some time and enjoy more nature.. I love the egrets, lovely images. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I sure could use some solitude too. It's been pretty crazy here too.

    Take care sweetie.

  4. Beautiful shots of the egret--what a lovely bird!