Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sneaky Squirrel

Early one morning...

Let's see what's available for breakfast...
Looks like the coast is clear...
I get the feeling I'm being watched.
Pecans on the menu today? Mmmmm, pretty darn tasty!
I think I'll have another one!
Num Num Num!!!
I still have the feeling I'm being watched!
Wonder where those pecans came from.  There's gotta be more somewhere!
Looks like someone beat me to the pecans here!  
Guess I'll relax and have some peanuts...


  1. so cute! and he weighs so much less in that swing feeder than my grandbubba squirrel does!

  2. That wasn't a very sneaky squirrel... just saying.

  3. Looks like he really enjoyed himself!

  4. cute dialogue and cute little fellow.

  5. Squirrels just lend themselves to cute photos. Adorable shots of your grey squirrels, especially the ones on the tub.:)

  6. Funny captions and a cute squirrel.. Great photos, enjoy your day!