Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chipping Sparrows & Tufted Titmice

My back yard was full of birds today.  They were happy to see some sunshine after all the rain we've received lately.  Tiny Chipping Sparrows were everywhere- foraging on the ground and flying from feeder to feeder.  

I was most thrilled to see a couple of Tufted Titmice and Carolina Chickadees at the tray feeders. I've heard their calls in my back yard for months, but they remained hidden in the shadows of the trees. Finally, finally, finally they've found the bird feeders!  It's about time!  Some of you were confident the birds would eventually come.  "Build it and they will come". Many Thanks for your encouragement :)  No photos of the Chickadees today, but several of the Titmice and Sparrows...

"This is good.  Seems I'm the only one at the feeder right now".

"Hmmmm, maybe I'll just dive on in!"

"Oh yea, niceeeeee.  What a variety, and I can have anything I want!"

"Oh no...looks like company's coming!"

"No, you can't come in!  I was here first!"

"Hey, watch it bird-brain!  Keep it up and I'm gonna snatch your beak off!!!"

"Yea, that's better- just turn around and go away and I'll finish my meal peacefully".

"Oh, good grief!  A bird can't have any peace around here!!!"

"Okay, Chip.  On the count of 3 we'll see who gets the first seed.  1...2...3, Go!!!"

"I told ya I was pretty darn fast, Chip! Better luck next time!"

"So you wanna challenge me again, huh?  Okay, on the count of 3...."

"I'm minding my own business".

"I try to stay away from the crazies over there...they're some angry birds!".

"Yea, me too!"

"Count me in!"

I spent a lot of my time today going through the boxes and totes of things I was able to salvage from our storage unit (between photo shots, LOL).   What a mess!  However, I'm still grateful to have these things- some of them are irreplaceable.  

Thank you for dropping in.  I hope every one of you have a wonderful Sunday!  

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  1. Lovely photos of the cute little birds!

  2. Hello Susan, I love the cute captions and the adorable Chipping Sparrows. The Titmouse is another cutie.. I am glad the birds all found your feeders, they look happy. Wonderful series of photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy Sunday!

  3. really cute. glad they're finally coming to the feeders!

  4. pretty birds. they are always so fun to watch.

  5. Hello Susan!:) How wonderful to have so many birds in your garden at last. Thanks for the lovely photos, and amusing and witty post. That's a great feeder, and all the Chipping Sparrows sorted it all out between them in the end!:)
    Have a good year.
    All the best, and Warm Regards.

  6. Looks like they're really enjoying those feeders!