Saturday, December 13, 2014

Welcome Back, Winter Friends!

Winter is quickly approaching.  Leaves and pine straw blanket the lawn.
Summer plants slumber in their pots, tucked beneath layers of mulch.
Mornings greet us with a shot of cold, brisk air.
A fresh season of birds are making their appearance...

Ah, yes, the birds of winter...
among them the American Robins and Cedar Waxwings, some of my favorites.

They love the berries produced by this one large tree in our back yard, 
the same berries the squirrels have indulged in.  When the berries are gone, 
the robins and waxwings will move on, so I'm enjoying their company while I can.

Finally, there are birds in our back yard...
I've been waiting for them.

Welcome back, winter friends!!!

Linked with our wonderful hostess, Eileen


  1. These are lovely shots of the birds that have returned to you for winter. Have a lovely week ahead.

  2. Pretty series of images. The Robins are beautiful birds and I have always loved the Cedar Waxwings.. I wish I saw them in my yard more often.. Great photos, Susan. Thank you for linking up, have a happy Sunday!

  3. i've seen/heard a few robins but no waxwings yet. :)

  4. Cheers.

    I have to take a hike into the wetlands to get a peek at a waxwing. They are so pretty. I've had robins in my backyard one year that I can remember. I don't think they like to compete with my rowdy blue jays.

  5. These are very nice, Susan! I have yet to see a Robin or Waxwing.

  6. The waxwings are so beautiful.....:)JP

  7. Wonderful images! I love the waxwings. I haven't seen them here this year.