Monday, December 1, 2014

Mississippi Gulf Coast: Biloxi Small Craft Harbor

As I continued my day trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast on November 21st, I left the Biloxi Lighthouse Pier and traveled east on Highway 90 until my attention was captured by a Brown Pelican scouting the water around the Biloxi Schooner Complex.  I pulled in to the parking area to watch him.  Moments later, he plunged into the water, creating a huge splash.  I tried to get a closer view but his dive was much faster than my forward movement through the sand.

There was little else moving around the complex- a Ruddy Turnstone, Common Buckeye and tall grass moving in the breeze...

My next stop was at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor.   This harbor is situated between a popular seafood restaurant on the left and a big casino on the right so there was quite a bit of activity nearby. 

I don't know much about boats but I would guess that these are for leisure...

and these are definitely for work (fishing, shrimping, crabbing)...

I observed a few birds while at the harbor...
below a Brown Pelican flew over a sand dune across the way

Double-crested Cormorant skipped along the water

Laughing Gull chilled out on the dock wall

and my favorite of all...
a Brown Pelican was totally relaxed while I shot away.
Wouldn't it be cool if other birds were this cooperative?

Stay tuned!  Next post:  Jones Park- Gulfport Marina  


  1. You captured many lovely shots! I especially like the ones of the pelican and the butterfly.

  2. How I love all these photos Susan. You've got great shots here, a wonderful collection.

  3. all the lines/verticals of the first shots is neat; love pelicans...yep...great to pix

  4. that brown pelican is a handsome dude.