Friday, November 28, 2014

Mississippi Gulf Coast: Ken Combs Pier

A beautiful, sunny day at the beach has temporarily cured me of the "birding blues". Last Friday, I drove along coastal Highway 90 in Harrison County and stopped at a few of the piers and marinas, where I received a good dose of bird therapy...

First stop- Ken Combs Pier 
Unfortunately, the pier remains closed due to severe storm damage, but sources report that it should soon be repaired.  However, it's a great spot to view coastal birds- they hang out along the shoreline, low sand dunes and rock jetties around the pier.

File photo from March 2014
Clapper Rail
Taking an early morning bath
Ring-billed Gull
Rock Pigeons in a passionate moment
Love, sweet love :)
A curious (or jealous) onlooker?
Several Laughing Gulls splashed around near shore
A few Ruddy Turnstones made an appearance
Numerous Black Skimmers basked in the sun along the shoreline
They took flight as I approached...
While some descended upon a sand hill offshore,
Many of the skimmers made a wide loop and returned

As I started to leave, my attention turned to a vast flock of migrating birds descending upon treetops and a hotel roof across the highway.  Hundreds of them made several circles around the building then momentarily roosted in a tall tree.  I tried to zoom in close enough to see if I could identify them, but they were too far away.  

I took way too many photos of my day trip to publish in one post, so there's more to come.  Thank you for stopping by!  


  1. I enjoyed your day trip with you...makes me ready to strike off too

  2. Wow, awesome series of images and birds.. Cool sighting of the Clapper Rail. And I love the Black Skimmers.. Great post, happy weekend!