Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Few Squirrels

Rarely do I get an opportunity to photograph squirrels.  There are plenty of them in the southern U.S., but they seem to be in everyone else's yard.  Every now and then, one comes to visit- only to see what's new under our tree :)  

The ones below visited at our previous residence this past summer...

Occasionally, I see this one in early mornings at our current residence...

I have better luck when I visit our local park.  
I usually see a few of them there while taking a stroll...

I once cared for an infant squirrel after my daughter brought it home.  The tiny critter apparently fell from its nest, along with its sibling, which didn't survive.  He quickly became one of my favorite pets and was a part of our family for a while (3 or 4 years), until a neighborhood kid decided to use him for target practice.  Tragic ending, but I was grateful for the opportunity to help this wee one and watch him grow.  

TexWisGirl (Theresa) over at the Run-A-Round Ranch shares great photos of the gorgeous fox squirrels at her place- I'm green with envy!!!  *Smile* Keep the photos and stories of those cute varmints coming Theresa!  I enjoy them so much!

Wishing you all a great week ahead!


  1. too funny! as i was reading your intro about how you rarely see squirrels, i was saying, 'be careful what you wish for!' soon, they'll be everywhere! then completing the post, i saw your shout-out. would be happy to ship you a few varmints if i could! :)

  2. I've got a box of squirrels ready to send to you. What is your address? Ha!

  3. what phun

    I've counted 12 of the boogers on my patio waiting their turn on the 'bird' feeders

  4. I'd say you had lots of fun here!

  5. squirrels are beautiful little critters.

  6. How neat to raise a squirrel from infancy. Makes me sad that your neighbor killed him. Great photos!

  7. ohhh I have so many in my yard, but one, junior, is my favorite!!