Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Eastern Phoebe

A sweet little Eastern Phoebe has been a regular visitor to our yard recently.  He (or she) is never seen at the bird feeders, but rather hanging out on power lines, tree limbs, atop the bird house or around the old metal shed.  

I love to watch this little flycatcher in action...when he spots a flying insect, he abruptly leaves his perch to chase his prey.  He often makes a swift loop and momentarily returns to the same perch. Never in one spot for very long, he makes his rounds in the back yard, sometimes staying two to three hours.  (Flying insects make up the majority of the Eastern Phoebe’s diet. Common prey include wasps, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies and moths, flies, midges, and cicadas; they also eat spiders, ticks, and millipedes, as well as occasional small fruits or seeds)

This beautiful phoebe is another "first" for me- I had never seen one until he came along.  His appearance is a welcome sight...perhaps others will follow.

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  1. Eastern Phoebes are so cute, Susan, compact and great nest builders. Hope it sticks around for you to raise a family!..:)JP

  2. cute little bird. Too bad they don't eat mosquitoes. I'd put out a welcome mat quick-like. :)

  3. i like these sweet birds, too. we're lucky to have a couple of pair nest in our barn each summer.

  4. So cute! I hope it will stick around.

  5. he sort of looks like what we call here in the north a "junco"

  6. Nice shots - I don't really chase new bits, but finding one is always great - and pictures as well!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne