Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Already?

December already?  Doesn't seem real, does it?  How quickly time escapes us!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Just around the corner is Christmas and I'm nowhere near ready for it.  There's so much to do and the days pass too quickly.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and truly enjoyed a little time with extended family.  

I haven't been on Blogger much the past few months, mainly because I have other projects going- working on family genealogy, trying to finish up a nature book and catching up on much needed house cleaning a little at a time.  My health hasn't allowed me to return to work yet so I've taken advantage of the time off to catch up on several things.  

Hopefully I'll have my Christmas tree decorated by this time next week.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for stopping in!

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