Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chickadees Gather Nesting Materials

I observed a chickadee pair while they gathered green moss from the ground in my back yard then carried it to the wren box nearby.  I had planned to secure the box on a pole soon but now I don't know if I should move it.   Unlikely as it may seem, the wren box has been through several storms with high winds and has remained intact.  I didn't intend for it to be used quite this early in the season but the chickadees were a step ahead of me.   Should I move it now or wait until their family is gone- what would you do?

Not the best lighting conditions for photos, but I had to take a few shots of these cute little birds as they worked on their nest.  

Have a great Wednesday!
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  1. oh i wuv chickadees! If they're happy where it is...I'd not touch it :)

  2. Great captures of these busy little chickadees. I am no expert but my instincts tell me not to move it. Though they might be wrong and I would be very interested in what more knowledgeable birders have to say. I hope you can get some good advice. These really are sweet photos.

  3. they will probably do well as it is. If the branch is strong enough. Gorgeous images :)

  4. Hi! The chickadees are very cute. They will have their babies soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. wonderful photos of this little cute bird! I will try to follow this blog.